Angels BBQ

It’s a neverending battle in the South of who has the best barbeque. Is it the people who enter all the competitions and have a case of trophies to show for it? Is it the most rustic smoker on the side of the road? Is it the guys that make BBQ so good, they can pull off a tofu-BBQ sandwich that is f&%king delicious even for someone who has a general disdain for veggies? Ding ding ding – we have a winner – and that winner is Angel’s BBQ.
I’ve loved their Q for some time, whether its the pulled pork or brisket, with the assortment of handmade sauces that range from a delectable dry rub (Angel Dust) to “holy shit this is going to burn coming out the other end tomorrow” Voo Doo Juice made with ghost peppers. But the other day, I said screw it, give me the above-pictured Faux Que (and hey, these guys are even clever wordsmiths!) and gave it a whirl. Like everything else these BBQ-mavens crank out, it  was a pleasure to the tastebuds. I didn’t even need the always-awesome side dishes I normally get (mac and cheese, baked beans and fries are my perennial faves, but there are veggie options and coleslaw too). Best barbeque in town, and now you can even bring your vegetarian friends with you. Angel’s BBQ 21 W. Oglethorpe Lane, Savannah, GA 31401 (912) 495-0902



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