Cafe Florie

Cafe Florie might not look like a place you’d think about stopping into. It’s hidden in a neighborhood that’s pretty much residential. The squat, single story building might have a table out front, but you can’t tell if its open or not. But if you roll by slow enough, you’ll hear some voices and sweet deliciousness will be wafting out the screen door and you’ll perk up a bit and say what they hell, I must be in the right spot. I got hooked by coming in for breakfast and having the best damn scrambled eggs I can remember. Then it was the chicken and waffles with the orange honey glaze, and the biscuits, my God, the biscuits. But then it was lunch, with Belgian-style Johnny Fries and the assortment of handmade dipping sauces. Don’t order a Coke to drink or you’ll swiftly be informed that only hand-made items make the menu -nothing so crass as soda would be found here. The fried chicken sandwich is worth the wait, as are most things I’ve had here. They do dinner as well though we haven’t been fortunate to make it through the door, but you definitely should. Cafe Florie 1715 Barnard Street Savannah, GA 31401 (912) 236-3354